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Are Spurs really closing the gap?

Tottenham Hotspur have had a better start to the season than Arsenal this campaign and now their assistant coach has come out and stated that they are closing the gap on us, ahead of the up-coming London derby at the weekend.

Speaking to Sky Sports Steffen Freund said: “Spurs are really close to Arsenal,” said Freund, who played for Tottenham from 1998 to 2003.

“We are definitely in a better position.

“In my time they used to be involved in the title race every year and we finished ninth or 10th.

“That has changed now. We are really close to our biggest rival.”

But didn’t they say that last year? And the season before that, and the campaign before that, and so on.

Every season Arsenal finish higher that Tottenham regardless of how we they are playing. Yes they may have improved over the seasons but they will always be in the shadows of the red half of London.

The efforts of Spurs second in command to give his club some hope at the weekend, would better be kept to himself because at the end of the day and at the end of the match, Arsenal will walk away with the three points, even though they are not playing anywhere near their best this season.

Although, they have got some players that can cause the line-up some damage at the weekend, but they had pretty much the same stars as last season and when they showed up to the Emirates then, they got blown away.

So come Saturday, they will be eating their words because the Gunners will still be ahead of them in every sense.

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