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Arsenal boss knows we have issues, but is still unwilling to fix it!

It was for every Arsenal fan to see that we have a pretty poor defensive this season and the lads are letting the side down on too many occasions. And boss Arsene Wenger has come out and admitted his side’s lack of quality at the back reared its ugly head once again in the 2-2 draw at Liverpool last night.

We couldn’t believe it when we went 2-0 down at the Emirates and many were wondering just what was happening, but two late goals managed to save us from an embarrassing defeat to a Liverpool side that were knocked out of the FA Cup to a lower league side at the weekend.

Speaking to Sky Sports Wenger said: “It was a great football game where both teams went for it,”

“It was entertainment. We could honestly have lost the game but could have won it by three or four goals difference.

“It shows we created many chances going forward but were nervous defensively. The goals we have conceded show we were nervous from the start. Overall we showed great quality in the offensive period.”

Asked what was behind the defensive nerves, Wenger added: “Recent history in the big games at home plays a part; you could sense it from outside.

“We have to get rid of that psychological factor when you play at home defensively.

“We have to focus on playing football and what we want to do to the opposition.

“I believe the quality is there and we have to trust it and forget what happened in the past. What happened in the past, you could see it played in our heads at the start of the game.”

What I can’t get is, he knows we have defensive issues but was still unwilling to go out and spend to bring in a solid centre-half and a wing-back.

It was schoolboy defending against Liverpool and the whole world saw just how easy it is to get a few goals against us at our home ground. It’s a joke!

Wenger has lost the plot and is being so stubborn in his ways that is affecting the club and the direction it is going.

We are falling further behind in the race for the Champions League spot and with no new signings on the horizon; it doesn’t look like getting much better for the remainder of the season.

January is a month where you improve and strengthen, but Wenger has done neither and I bet will do absolutely nothing for the last few hours and then will come out and say, ‘there was no exceptional players on the market’ but we all know that isn’t the case.

Every club needs a change and an update and it’s about time Wenger was cashed in for a boss that is willing to adapt when it is needed.

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8 comments to Arsenal boss knows we have issues, but is still unwilling to fix it!

  • cin

    When all Arsenal fans will understand their club is only looking for profit.
    They will not splash any cash in market. They will not try to win anything.

    They will try to get only CL birth to get more money from CL. But this time Arsenal is already prepared to lose CL birth and Wenger is trying to save some money without spending.

    Fans Please realize the facts. You are supporting a business model not a football club including me.

  • nicholaswilson

    Andre Santos is the worst full back I’ve ever seen – how can Wenger expect us to believe he couldn’t find a better one. As for Mertesacker he’s not much better and I can think of 2 better CB’s that have been transferred in this Window. Samba and MBia. Any other top manager would have bombed those players out by now but Wenger is more concerned about saving face and money than winning and that is why our defense is such an embarrassment and has been for about 5 years.

  • Gooner of the day

    Great article and all so true…If we don’t get reinforcements this window and don’t get Europe bye bye Wenger enough is enough…..

  • josh

    It is amazing to see A.Wenger’s misplaced faith toward his defenders. Otherwise he would have had addressed the issue sometime time back last year! It takes an emergency of Gibbs’ layoff for the next three to four weeks due to injury to move Wenger to want to buy now. But within such short hours of ‘notice’, will he get a replacement for Gibbs, not mentioning a good reliable one! Really, Santos will continue to be a liability if he plays.

  • Hot-Air

    AGAIN! Fans have to accept the more they pay for tickets & are not seeing Wenger not prepared to have take more wise solution to the defensive midfield and defense department every game will be a toss up ,and this has been problem for the last 5 seasons or so for me.
    Attack has never really been the issue but when defense isn’t up how can u keep possession in order to WIN!

    Also there has been someone stating give Wenger a chance because he bought players around this time last year but the person has totally forgot Wenger scrambled and bought player in other his hand was not because of FANS CRYING OUT !
    Here is the same sh#t again for another January window but u know what when fans stop spending their money at the emirates Wenger will finally understand that THE FANS MAKE THE CLUB BIG WHEN THEY COME NOT JUST SHAREHOLDERS & DIRECTORS MANAGERS THEY ALL PLAY THEIR PARTS FOR MAKING A SUCCESSFUL CLUB WITH TROPHY NOT JUST HOT-AIR PROMISES .


  • Aryan

    Why don’t arsenal fan get it that finishing top for is not good enough for club like arsenal. Past 7 years we never in for any silverware but you lot happy with finishing 4? That’s shame because wenger doesn’t care about fans he cares how arsenal bored and him self make money. Pls do me fav stop going to watch arsenal till this old stubborn man mr wenger goes or buy top players to challenge for tittle.

  • Edwin

    @hot air
    Well said!
    I called for a one game boycott back in September to show the true fans disapproval and force the board to act and get Wenger out.
    All I got was attacked by Wengerites with their AKB nonsense.

    This board don’t give a flying f**k about the club and Wenger will not be remembered for the good years but for his stubborness and frankly ridiculous transfer dealings over a 9 year period.

    I pray that he goes soon, no involvement with the team or club in any way, no board, no interference just go!

  • Everyweekemirates

    Listen to all you whining bitching little girls, support your fucking club you bunch of pussies.

    When things get tough you need to get behind the team not cry like little bitches.

    And what’s all this wengerite bullshit? Support the team support the club or fuck off and support city.

    If you don’t like the way kroenke runs his business take it up with him.