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Arsenal lost out on star because of ‘insanely good’ manager? Really?

With the news that Tottenham Hotspur won the race ahead of us for the signature of Lewis Holtby, he has come out and told the world just why he snubbed the opportunity to join us and head across London to our bitter rivals.

We were reportedly interested in the midfielder and boss Arsene Wenger had only just admitted that Holtby was on his shopping list when the news broke that Spurs had agreed a £67,000-a-week deal to acquire his services.

And he has come out and admitted that he joined them because they have an ‘insanely good’ manager.

As quoted in the Daily Mirror he was asked why he chose White Hart Lane over Champions League football and he said: “[Tottenham] are not a small club and have an insanely good manager.”

If he is looking for a great manager he needs to look no further than Wenger, even though he is having a bad time of it lately nobody can deny that he is one of the best coaches in the world and has success to back that up.

It was obvious that the Gunners never even made him an offer because if he did he would have walked into the Emirates without a moment’s hesitation.

And if I had to choose between Andre Villas-boas or Arsene Wenger, I’d take Wenger everytime. I’m not saying AVB won’t be a good manager, but to say you choose Spurs over Arsenal because of the manager is a stupid reason, especially when the manager you didn’t choose is known for turning young talent into stars of the game.

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6 comments to Arsenal lost out on star because of ‘insanely good’ manager? Really?

  • solhorizonte

    A lot of people might disagree with you my friend, Arsene Wenger might be an arsenal legend, but he is far from his invincibles form, the quality of his team keeps going down every season, the drama with all these overpaid flops, our current position at the EPL table…
    conclusion, it is not crazy for a player to think that AVB has a better vision for the future that Arsene.

  • Mike

    All about what have you done lately. Maybe Holtby can see what that Arsenal board can’t and that is Wenger’s time has past.

  • gunner life

    Yes Wenger is really good manager; see the players who left: Cesc, RvP, Nasri, Clichy, Cashley, all won, or going to win tropies. And see who wenger’s bought and even kept for uselessly long: denilson, bendtner, chamakh, park, SQUILLACI, sendoros, cygan, diaby, SYLVESTRE, etc. How long ago was the last trophy won? SEVEN going on EIGHT YEARS. And finishing FOURTH PLACE is a TROPHY, CL QUALIFICATION IS A TROPHY, WHICH HONESTLY IS ABOUT $$$$$$$$ FOR THE BOARD, NOT THE FANS or club. Dont bet Spuds wont finish above Arsenal this season. How long ago did Wenger managed to build or rebuild a truly strong defence? 2-2 at Swansea is not only a joke, but a common thing for ‘topclass’ manager.

  • uk

    Only AKBs still believe wengers hype. For every young player that has come good under wenger in d last few years, thers 10 top potential dats lost their way.

  • christy

    i wldn’t say Arsene isn’t a goodcoach but he’s allowing undue loyalty 4 arsenalboard dent his coachingcareer Y wld any reasonable club release VanPersie Nasri Kolotoure and co Y cn’t Walcott be pd wt he wnts 4 D purpose of keeping him at D club No goodclub release his players so wenger shd ve a re-think

  • Pls, am appeal to arsene wenger to just pls sign one or two players.wil need a(four)and correct sharp shooter!all fans neet it b4 now and monday.good luck