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Wenger out, Mourinho at Arsenal?

There has been much debate in recent months about whether Arsene Wenger can bring success back to the Emirates and many believe that we are actually falling further and further behind in every competition.

We were once considered main contenders for everything, but to many we are now just that team only look forward to getting into the Champions League every season and saving their money for a rainy day.

So we ask the question, is Wenger the man to bring the good days back to Arsenal?

Well judging from our clear lack of silverware in the last few seasons and the bosses stubbornness to adapt to the ever changing world of football, he is clearly not the manager that he once was and he has no idea how to get things right here.

So maybe with the news that Jose Mourinho is heading back to England, is there a case that we try and so whatever we can to acquire arguably the best boss on the planet.

As quoted in the Daily Mail he said: “You also don’t feel what we feel in almost every other country which is the passion for clubs. In England, it’s not just about passion for clubs, it’s mainly about passion for football – and you feel it.

“I loved it from the first to the last day. I don’t regret my last day because after that I was lucky enough to enjoy Italy and to have and enjoy some success there and also in Spain, so I don’t regret the day I left.

“But I know that one day I will come back because English football means a lot to myself.”

His football may not be the most exciting at times and his ego is second to none, but there is no doubt that he brings success wherever he goes.

He is a winner and doesn’t care how he does it, as long as he adds to his already impressive C.V, he will take on the world and more often than not he will win.

I know it is a long shot I know many of you will disagree, but if were not spending the money on new players, then we should invest in a top-class manager like Mourinho.

He may see the Gunners as a project he could put his stamp on and if the board gives him full control over team selection and transfers, he may well decide that the Emirates is where he wants to go.

We envy the success that other clubs are getting, but if there is a chance we could snap him up then maybe it’s time Wenger goes and we employ somebody that is at the top of their game

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8 comments to Wenger out, Mourinho at Arsenal?

  • Anonymous

    yeah right. keep on dreaming.

  • fan

    This is the worst article I have ever seen, Mourinho does not compare to Wenger, wenger is way ahead. Its even stupid to suggest this.

  • Wud gladly have him here instead of this dumb wenger,but why would he come to arsenal?

  • Nicky

    I would love to see Hiddink at the helm but would not turn my nose up if Mourinho was given the nod.

    Wenger is gonna be our manager next season come what may and possibly then after the 2014 campaign step down.

    By then it would be interesting to see how Laudrop ( sp) is getting on at Swansea as I could never see the Arsenal board plumping for Mourinho and is massive ego nor in reality can I see Mourinho wanting to come to us due to the lacking of spending he would have to build a Premiership winning team.

  • Temp1

    NO! – GTFOH!

  • ichelenimo

    Mourinho will not come to Arsenal. We also do not need him. We want Pep or Pellegrini or Ancelloti or even Bould

  • Goona

    Jose would never be employed by Arsenal because I don’t think he’d be Mr Hillwood and the boards choice as they’d have to spend a lot more money in the markets to keep him happy. On top of that he wouldn’t want to join us either as he wouldn’t be handed easy big money transfers like he’s used too, so we can forget about him,

    Actually i’d love to see the special one take charge of a club that ain’t got a lot of cash then we’d see how special he really is. But knowing him that will never come to pass. I remember Harry Redknapp saying “My wife could manage them” when Jose was at the helm in big spender Chelski land. Harry bless ‘im never spoke a truer word. Yes fellow Gooners we can forget about Jose…..

  • Dayo yemitan

    i pray it will come to past soonest,i can’t wait to see AW flush out.