January 19, 2022

00:00 Intro
00:15 We had our own experience [of postponing]. It's difficult to judge from the outside, I respect the submissions because I trust the medical dept of ever PL club. Is it an advantage for Arsenal? It showed at Leicester that we didn't have any advantage

1:10 f we speak about Ox, we should discuss his outstanding performance [on Sunday]. In a good moment with quality

2:30 We always analyse and look ahead to the next game. We go to Arsenal and it's clear we need to win, that's good. In 90/120 or pens, we need to win this game. We want to create memories and special games, so it's good we can speak about finals in Jan

3:45 We know we need goals and attacks from everywhere. I said before they [Mane and Salah] are out face and our frontline but we don't just have one weapon. How we evolve as a team is important

5:00 Lijnders refusing to confirm who starts in goal tomorrow but talks up ability of Adrian, Kelleher and Alisson. Ali...we have nothing to say, he's our Brazilian captain, everything we want from a goalkeeper. Let's see who will start tomorrow

6:20 We miss 3 players at AFCON, everyone forgets Naby. We miss him as well, Man of the Match twice and he's scored. The medical dept of each club have to make decisions to stop outbreaks. They are there to protect players, families, staff and the building. Injuries...all teams want to play, we went to Spurs without key players, Newcastle too. Chelsea without our manager, Matip, Ali

8:40 We prepare from the first day of pre-season and penalties is the same too. We don't just prepare this week for that. Everyone was writing us off from the first leg, so I cannot wait to go there and create a special game for us.

9:50 Thiago hopefully he will be in full team training after the international break, to prepare for the Cardiff game. Divock will be only after Cardiff

10:20 We try to find the right balance across the season with recovery. It was a really good second day. The are hungry and they know what is at stake. Liverpool Football Club wants trophies and wants finals

11:50 Arteta praise
"They have a really good team at the moment. They have matured - credit to Mikel. We wanted to surprise them with our intensity which is what we did until the red card. Their team looks a proper team

13:20 on Elliott: "He hasn't lost his football brain. It would be a crime not to play him when you see him like that y'day. He didn't knock on the door, he ran through it but we'll take our time. He needs to get 'team fit'. Great to have him back

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