November 19, 2021

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00:10 on injuries: So, Hendo and Robbo not trained with team yet, recovery/rehab stuff. Pretty close, a late decision. Sadio is good. Fab came back late and did a recovery session. I hope he can train today, that's the plan

1:15 It's early for the title race but stay up there we know we need to stay in and around the league and we haven't had enough good results in last few weeks. We lost at West Ham, but we know we have to perform and fight. That's the most important information probably

2:35 I hate international breaks. It helped from injury point of view. Coaches have their own targets and very often think they have to do physical work with the players. The break was not helpful, I would have loved to have played the week after [West Ham]

3:30 on Arsenal revival: "If you lose some games [people say] you're in the relegation battle, with Arsenal's quality it was always clear they'd come back. They are good. They've won a lot of games and we are not surprised they are really good but no-one forgets we are as well

5:10 Klopp on own future: "Wow! I thought Stevie said some nice things, smart things, made sure it was about Villa and Gerrard. I don't have to think about [my future] thank God. We are in the middle of the season. No other managers gets asked so often about 2 or 3 years away

6:35 It's important to mix it up. Virgil can play some long balls, our CBs improved in build-up situations. An important role, they don't play the final pass but they can play. Main thing is, if you mix it up [with passes] it makes it difficult for other teams to adapt

8:00 I sent Steven Gerard a message after he signed the contract at Aston Villa, but they are private. I am looking forward to seeing him and I am happy for him, but I am fine if that [conversation] stays private

8:50 on Neco Williams: "He is pushing for a start, he's a young player and we are a good football team, it's not that easy to get into the team. We have Trent there, Milner has played there incredibly. Neco I saw for Wales and he did really well offensively. He can push

9:50 on midfield: "It's not easy [having to change] but if it was you would not need to pay so much money to sort it. Would I like to play same 3? No, we have too many games but it'd be cool to have more options (less injuries) and training days together

11:20 on Williams future: "Last thing I think about is who could go on loan in the winter. I can understand Robert Page says it makes sense he should play but they can qualify for the WC with a lot of players who aren't first choice. It makes sense Neco is here fighting

12:55 No Naby Keita, Curtis Jones or James Milner for Saturday, as expected. Curtis we take it day by day. Harvey is doing really well but there is some time between now and when he can start again. Joe Gomez is doing well, Bobby doing well, needs time

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