February 10, 2023

00:00 - Intro.
00:05 - Injury news: The long term ones are closer, but they are not ready.
00:23 - Smith Rowe ready?: Not this game.
00:27 - Gabriel Jesus: He's doing really well, it's still early stages.
00:43 - Return date? Not yet, too far away for that.
01:08 - Contracts for Saka and Saliba sorted?: Things need time to be sorted but we are delighted with Martinelli's contract.
01:29 - Out of comfort zone now after loss?: Absolutely. In football you lose matches. The reaction has been superb.
02:08 - Never celebrating against Arsenal when at Man City: Just for respect.
02:26 - City allegations: I will not make any comment on that.
02:41 - Work whilst there no devalued?: I can't respond to that.
02:53 - You didn't see anything wrong?: No.
03:09 - Brentford unbeaten run, what challenge do they give you?: Many different ones, doesn't matter where they are in the table.
03:48 - One eye on Man City game?: No, our focus is on tomorrow.
04:05 - Mindset this week?: Preparation has been really good. We discussed what happened and you have to congratulate Everton.
04:52 - Coping with the pressures of a title race as a young manager: A lot of energy, I am an energy giver! Not a sucker!
05:25 - Martin Odegaard article about you: It's great that the players believe in what we do.
05:48 - Gabriel's form this season: The way he's evolving, he's getting better in each phase. His mentality has come a long way.
06:13 - Flo Balogun form in France: So happy for him. He has a clear idea with what he wants to do!
06:54 - Taking advantage of Man City slip ups: We have enough to look after our own garden!
07:02 - Surprised by Balogun?: I'm very pleased. The numbers are incredible, he's got something special.
07:54 - Danger to take eye off Brentford ahead of Man City?: For is its impossible to think of City yet!
08:10 - What are you looking for from Balogun?: He has scars from his Middlesbrough loan, but he got a proper experience.
08:50 - Future plans for Balogun?: the plan is now he finishes this period and accesses.
09:15 - Super league revamp, thoughts?: Another topic I cannot touch.
09:38 - Winning league outright if Man City get sanctioned: Let's focus on winning football matches.
10:22 - Different environment post defeat than when you were a player?: It's a different role for sure, but it's credit to the players' response
10:53 - Lessons learnt as a player have helped this week?: Yes, this environment is very complex, to align everyone was easy.
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