March 15, 2023

00:00 - Intro.
00:20 - Atmosphere in the squad: The squad get on very well and you can sense that.
00:41 - Jesus return: It was great to see him back, you can see the happiness around him.
01:00 - A case of managing Jesus' minutes: We have to manage his minutes. We have to manage his involvement.
01:20 - Looking to rotate or putting stamp on competition?: We are looking to win.
01:38 - What have you been working on since the last game?: Our desire to win the ball back, and we have to show that.
02:05 - Distraction being in Europe?: We haven't had big European nights for years. Hopefully it will be a big atmosphere.
02:35 - Erling Haaland: I'm not surprised by him.
02:55 - A concern seeing City in that form?: We have to meet those standards.
03:20 - Who are your idols?: I cannot think. There's loads of people I admire, one being Rafa Nadal.
03:54 - Eddie Nketiah: He's in a boot but he's not in a bad place.
04:04 - Any other concerns for tomorrow?: No I don't think so.
04:14 - Less rotation?: Let's see tomorrow.
04:25 - Ben White for England?: He's available for us so for sure he will be for England.
04:33 - No World Cup issues lingering for White?: No, he's been on good form.
05:06 - Conversations with Smite Rowe?: Emile knows how much we love him.
05:26 - Managing Smith Rowe's minutes or when the chance arises?: We have to manage Emile's minutes.
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