February 10, 2023

00:00 - Intro.
00:21 - Blueprint how to beat Arsenal?: A lot of teams have been looking at the best way to beat us! Every team is trying to do that.
00:49 - Why did it go wrong last week?: Because there were certain details we didn't do as well as previously.
01:06 - Will Brentford do the same?: They've beaten all the best teams in the league so they make it look easy!
01:25 - Mentally toughest game of the season?: I don't know. We prepare mentally for every game. The boys are looking forward to tomorrow.
01:57 - Changing process after two losses?: No, we go through the same processes win and lose. We have to win tomorrow.
02:32 - Emotional control of players: Sometimes by learning lessons. Saturday was a good lesson.
02:50 - Not winding up players in training?: They didn't need that this week!
03:19 - Critical of players usually, but nice after Everton?: I have never criticised players outside of dressing room.
04:13 - Can you be as strong this season to the players?: There's always another level of aggression.
04:55 - Why were you like that to the players when on a low?: It was my feeling! You get what you see. No talk, just on the pitch.
05:23 - Discussed worst case scenarios?: I prepare them. Sometimes without telling them.
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