February 5, 2023

00:00 - Intro.
00:14 - Did you like that?: Im so glad and happy to have this possibility to train this team, so thanks to everyone. Everyone pushed to another level.
00:58 - Spoken to Antonio?: Yes in the dressing room, he said he's really happy and made compliments to every especially Harry for the record. They've got a day off tomorrow!
01:46 - Best performance of the season, inspiration?: It's one of the best, in a difficult moment. The players took responsibility and did their best.
02:36 - What does it say about Tottenham for taming City: We are a big beast as well with different skills. We knew our capacity and showed it for 90 minutes.
03:33 - Serious top four contenders?: I feel I never lost this feeling. Every time the team is able to teach the target.
05:13 - Arsenal happy you won?: I don't know. We're happy. I spoke with Antonio.
05:50 - Competitions for places, Emerson performance: He was one of the most important in this game. It's important to have different places and needed. Emerson showed he's a good player.
07:21 - Who is Harry Kane?: Harry Kane is football. It's in his DNA. To compare Harry Kane to the top, you need to wait until his career is over.
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