March 15, 2023

Fabio Vieira | Arsenal v Sporting CP | MD-1 pre-match press conference 15.3.23
00:00 - Intro.
00:12 - How have you settled in at Arsenal?: I feel comfortable and enjoy being at Arsenal.
00:37 - Was it a difficult start for you?: It was difficult to start with, I arrived with an injury but now I'm ready.
01:12 - Has Arteta given you a lot of motivation?: The manager spoke to me about what he expects from me, he's always tried to help me.
01:44 - How have you found adapting to the Premier League?: In England it's more physical, portugal it's more technical.
02:20 - Working on the physical side to adapt?: The most important is on the pitch where you play but also off the pitch.
02:51 - Do you see the Bernardo Silva comparisons?: I admire Bernardo Silva, he's an extraordinary player. We have similar qualities.
03:16 - Did you speak to Silva before joining Arsenal?: No.
03:25 - Do you think you can have the same impact at Arsenal that Silva has had at City?: It's always difficult to arrive with an injury, I've improved and worked a lot. It's a question of time.
04:40 - Can you do what Odegaard's done at Arsenal after adapting?: It's a question of time. I'm improving in the gym to be better physically. For me and the skinny players it's more difficult.
05:27 - Can you and Odegaard play in the same team?: Me and Odegaard can play in the same team.
06:06 - What advice can you give to your teammates about Sporting?: I played against Sporting a lot with Porto, they are a very good team. We know what we want from the game.
06:55 - How well do you get on with your teammates?: I have a good relationship with my teammates, it's important for us.
07:33 - Gabriel Jesus: He's a special player and we're happy he's back.
08:05 - Have much is the Europa League been prioritised?: We have to take step by step, game by game. We've done a great job so far.
08:45 - Martinelli: We met in Germany in preseason and this was the connection from the beginning. He's a good guy.
09:21 - Hoping for more moments with Martinelli like Villa away?: Of course, I'm here to help the team. I was happy to assist him.
09:52 - Biggest challenge: I wanted to develop a lot physically and defensively. I want to win the premier league.
10:41 - Biggest problem being skinny: When you are skinny you are intelligent. I'm intelligent.
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