March 10, 2023

00:00 Intro
00:32 Players know it, I never am involved in private issues
00:49 The only place I think you are safe is inside at home
01:35 More team news - Kyle Walker available for the weekend & trained good.
01:56 We have to adapt to the reality, there are cameras everywhere, exposed 24 hours
02:43 On De Bruyne - If he's fit, Kevin's always ready.
03:43 Champions League absolutely has no impact on team selection, most important thing is Premier League.
04:15 On Crystal Palace - They have a lot of weapons up front!
04:58 Changes to team is not good or bad, we love to have Haaland!
05:40 Sometimes when you are looking too quick, you are less precise, you allow the transitions for the opponent.
06:34 In Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, Congo, these type of players adapt everywhere, no problem
07:09 On Arsenal - Of course we take a look at their games and it would be better if they draw.
08:17 You cannot imagine how good wine I drunk after win Newcastle, I was incredibly happy
09:13 In week off, review things that we cannot review when we play every 3 days
10:20 I don't judge the opponents about their past results
10:37 I'm pretty sure the board from Crystal Palace support the manager
10:55 More team news - Stones and Laporte back, super important for us.
11:08 Still I don't know the lineup 100%, will see the training session today
11:30 The guys playing good and give me confidence every game.
12:07 More on Kyle Walker incident - I don't need to remind Walker of his responsibilities
12:14 We are adults, I am not a father, I am a friend of him
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