November 12, 2022


00:00 - Intro

00:10 - Five points clear: It’s great to be where we are. Our aim is to play better as a team. It’s been phenomenal to work with these players.

00:43 - Frustrating the World Cup has come at this point?: It’s not possible to carry on playing. We have to use the time in the best possible way. Representing their national team is a dream.

01:35 - Big difference having Odegaard during break?: I don’t have a clue. We will try prepare him in the best possible way to have the right fitness.

02:08 - Big call to make Odegaard captain: He’s a real leader. Odegaard is a fantastic person and we’re happy to have him.

02:29 - Six goals this season for Odegaard: That’s what you want from your attacking midfielder. We want him to embrace the good moments.

02:55 - Granit Xhaka: He wasn’t feeling good, but he’s okay. I’m delighted we adapted.

03:29 - Moment of reflection: Nobody expected is to be where we are. The relationship we have with every member of the club is so powerful.

04:06 - Better than your own expectations: Yes, I take it day by day but every individual commits.

04:29 - Stomach issues for the players: I think it was after the pre-match meal. On match day I don’t eat much.

04:51 - Did you watch the City game?: Yes, on the bus.

05:17 - City defeat giving you a boost?: That’s the way to live this league. Every team does this. It’s natural.


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