February 3, 2023

00:00 - Intro.
00:12 - Manager of the month for January, best game for you?: The win over Tottenham was a key one.
01:10 - Do you understand fans' unease over Jorginho signing?: I think when you sign a player you always generate debate. We have criteria to find the players and this is football.
01:49 - The club has loads of cash saved for the summer then?: That's the question for the owner!
02:20 - Happy with the size of the squad?: I am happy because we have added versatility, quality and leadership. No we have to give those players the chance.
02:59 - How do the players cope with the Goodison Park atmosphere?: I am hopeful but you need to show it. Tomorrow we need to play at a high level.
03:30 - Playing teams towards the bottom more difficult than the top?: This league is extremely difficult. Everton will ask difficult questions of us.
03:57 - Would it be nice to take points off Everton?: After tomorrow I wish Everton all the best.
04:29 - Is Arsenal a good example that a club can turn things around?: At the moment we have a very stable and energised atmosphere. The important thing is we play well.
04:58 - Must hurt to see Everton in the position they're in? Absolutely, the love I feel towards the club, I hope they turn it around.
05:38 - How does a stable hierarchy make your job easier? For any club when you have everyone onboard, it's very powerful.
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