January 20, 2023

00:00 - Intro.
00:16 - What's the reasoning of buying a 28-year-old Trossard?: With the right , quality and price, we always sign players. The balance is to have a good age between the team.
01:00 - What's the idea of bringing players from the Premier League? In this moment in time we don't have time for preparation so we need people to be ready to go.
1:42 - What was it that Trossard had that made him a good fit?: We know the player, we dig into the experiences and are confident he is the right person and the right player.
02:12 - This weekend if you win that's 50 points, the quickest the club has reached that: We have won a lot go games! It will take a big big effort to get to 93/94 points.
02:51 - The last 10 years the fixture hasn't been as big. What does it feel like this weekend? Every time you play United it is big, player or manager. It's a big tradition.
03:26 - Consistency of performances, how hard is that to do? One of the hardest but most important thing to deliver but we need to keep going.
03:48 - Is the key to win a title to have consistently? Yes, we have players that have played a lot of minutes consistently, that'a one of the factors.
04:19 - You've not dropped many points this year. How?: We are a better team now this season that's for sure, something that is very relevant in the position we're in.
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