January 21, 2023

00:00 - Intro.
00:29 - When you signed as a player how did you feel?: I was lucky enough to get that phone call a few days before the 8-2 loss (in 2011). Sometimes you can't help the circumstances.
00:52 - It wasn't just that result that got you to the club?: I don't think it was but that was another layer!
01:21 - Sunday feels significant. Are you proud of your team for doing this?: Absolutely, I feel the excitement around the place. The boys understand what this means to the fans and the special atmosphere there will be.
01:51 - Have you ever spoken to Sir Alex Ferguson?: A few conversations, not a formal one. Just more listening and talking with other people. What captured me was his honesty and how brutal he was.
02:30 - Is there a message for Emile after Trossard signing?: He needs to be fit and available. A player of his quality. He will play many minutes.
03:03 - Was the physical side of the game something you wanted to bring back to Arsenal?: When you play on the big stages you have to compete for 11 months. So we try and build a team that has everything.
03:48 - Is your team street-wise enough to keep up the title race?: We haven't done it in many years. Words mean nothing we have to do it on the pitch.
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