March 8, 2023

00:00 - Intro.
00:15 - Gabriel Jesus: News on the squad will be tomorrow.
00:31 - No Trossard or Nketiah?: Let's see how they evolve.
01:20 - Who are the key players in sporting?: Their strength is the idea of the manager. We've watched many of their games.
02:00 - Are Arsenals the favourites?: It will be a very tough match in this stadium.
02:40 - You haven't had a league and cup team: Because we only have one team, we have to play with the best possible players to win it.
03:25 - risk player frustration?: it's true that everyone wants to play, sometimes it's difficult.
04:12 - Players struggling with illness?: These things happen, we will deal with it.
04:40 - Approach this game different to last time?: We have to prepare with the aim to win.
05:25 - Real Madrid links: It's things that always happy but I'm fully focused on Arsenal.
05:55 - Hector Bellerin reunion: Absolutely love the person and the player, he left a mark on this team.
06:50 - Difficult to not rush Jesus back: We will try not to rush him back. Everything is going well.
07:30 - Tierney's reaction to lack of game time: Very good. Under me he's played more than anyone and understands the situation.
08:10 - Consideration to players who can play different players: We have to maintain the balance to stay competitive.
08:55 - Speak to Vieira about sporting?: Yes!
09:30 - The variety Sporting possess?: Until we have the lineup there will be question marks.
10:13 - Togetherness to help you win?: That helps but we have to compete.
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