September 29, 2021

0:00 What is the mood like around the camp?
0:54 Are you worried about Harry Kane's form?
1:27 Have you heard about the Tottenham philosophy?
2:10 Do you expect Lo Celso and Romero to travel with Argentina or stay and put the club first?
3:16 Are you calling on FIFA and UEFA to help make the decision that the players cannot travel?
3:52 Team news ahead of the game tomorrow?
4:52 Do you think joining Spurs is tougher than you thought?
5:07 Do you think the criticism is fair on you since you haven't been in the job for that long?
5:49 How big are the next two games as the international break is approaching?
6:32 Is it fair for people to judge you yet?
9:14 Will tomorrow be a chance to see the younger players?
10:00 Did you speak with the Premier League regarding heading?
11:47 Do you intend to change your game plan from the Arsenal game?
12:23 Is the solution to communicate with the team more?
12:40 After 3 league defeats, do the players believe in what you are trying to achieve?
14:02 Is it important not to panic?
15:00 Is this competition a help or an hindrance?
15:27 How did the players take your criticism after Sunday's match?
16:22 During this difficult period, what have your learnt about your players?
17:50 Did you anticipate the bad form to come so soon?
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