January 15, 2023

00:00 - Intro.
00:11 - Must feeling great to win this game: I saw a team with a lot of courage who wanted to win today. It was a great feeling to share this moment with the fans.
00:50 - Eight points clear: To go into the dressing room and feel the joy, it's special. tomorrow we need to continue and work.
01:21 - Ugly scenes at the end: I haven't seen anything, all I saw was a beautiful game of football.
01:40 - Odegaard performance: Terrific. He's showing a big presence Big credit to him.
02:04 - Concerning a fan got to that place: We will look into that but we'll do that tomorrow. I don't want this to take 0% of our enjoyment.
02:29 - Psychological boost: This has a big emotional attachment. The team has a big history with this team. It means so much.
02:54 - Arsenal's title to lose?: Its a great position to be in. Let's enjoy every single moment.
03:12 - Mudryk signing for Chelsea: We have excellent players and want to improve the squad, but we will do the deals that are right for the football club.
03:42 - Thomas Partey the difference compared to last season?: Things change, players change and that day was difficult. That day brought the club closer together.
04:08 - Pointing to your head: We needed to have the emotional control. They are young and believing more and more.
04:40 - Shut out the talk and get the team to play: It's the only we can do, try and play better. We've done great things and there's loads to improve.
05:15 - Getting over 90 points to win the title?: Absolutely. I don't want to do too much calculations! It's happened in the last 4/5 season. It will demand absolute perfection!
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